Hull Restoration

Hindsight being 20/20, I could have probably avoided alot of this hull work but ....
My first thought was to take up a bit of the sole to access the fuel tank for inspection and to replace the fuel filler and fuel vent hoses.
The sole was very solid with no rot or wet plywood. But as I dug deeper there was some beginning rot in the stringers and bulkheads where the fuel tank was foamed in and they were wet as well.

Nov.2006 I figured if it was wet by the tank then it could
wet elsewhere so out comes the rest of the sole.
Once the sole was gone I found enough nasties that I decided to tear out
the stringers too. If I had exercised some patience here I may have been
able to let it dry and do some repair rather than replace. But who knows.
April-2007 If you do the stringers, might as well do the transom too! Transom was solid but was fairly wet around outdrive cutout and at the hull bottom.
April-2007 Tearing out the transom was a lot of work. I am glad I am replacing it worries down the road.
June-2007 New stuff going in. I didn't take near enough photos of the tear out.
This is my second hull resto...first one was a 16' tri hull. The work required goes up exponentionally for a larger boat. What a workout.
Aug.-2007 Missing some pics but all the stringers and framing forward
of the motor well are in.
May-2008 Tank bed form, Thanks Huey for the tips.
and the finished tank bed.
Foaming in the hull. I'll get flack from some over this but thats OK.
Tank is in and more foam. Foam around tank is all epoxy sealed.
June-2008 Major milestone here with the sole going in.
Laminated ply for motor mounts and installed engine bed
Oct.-2008 Sole and motorwell are all glassed in. Added some gray pigment
to the epoxy to finish off the bilge. Dry fit on the hatches. Time to sand again
for paint.
Prior to paint the hull will get a finish layer of glass inside all the way forward.
June-2009 Man am I slow. Making progress but getting lazy.
Need to get some stuff out of the garage. Can't even move in there.
Mounted the transom assembly for the out drive.
Droped in the engine. All went well. Had to do it in stages, as the hoist is not tall enough to get it over the transom while having enough chain to get it down to the mounts. Took a while to get a handle on the alignment process. But all is good.
Over the winter I worked on the helm a bit and decided to get rid of the old gauges and layout. Did a cad drawing to get it all layed out and aligned. I think it turned out well. Many thanks to Thomco Inc. for their great CNC work
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