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Motor installed, aligned and running. Had a miss in it. Turned out to be a bad spark plug.
Hard to see in the pic but I raised the shift plate about 4" to get the remote shift cable off the exhaust. Also built a new bracket for the cannon plug and breaker. There were/are several issues to over come when refitting to newer style components.
Sept.-2009 Added a new layer of glass to the coaming to clean up and stiffen. Did a little body work as well.
We did a redesign of the rear bench and sunpad. Moved the whole assembly aft about a foot.
I can get to just about everything for general maintenance, but I am building it so it can easily be disassembled. There is also a panel that fills the opening over the motor well. It serves to beef up the span across the opening and also provide a margin of safety in case something comes loose under your seat. Including the seat base there will be 1" of plywood between the motor well and your butt.
May-2010 More pics of the bench framing and construction
Bench fill panel. provides support for the seat and another layer of protection if something comes apart
Trial fitting leading to the finish, My wife did a great job on the sewing of the vinyl. First time for this type of work. She used a Kenmore I gave her for Christmas 30 years ago.
Purchased the bucket seats, matching vinyl and new foam from Veda. We later cut the seat back so the seat bottom would slide under the back.
Upholstery about done. Prime and paint the sole. Used interlux epoxy primer and interdeck paint on the sole. The interdeck is comfortable under bare feet but is tough to keep clean. But still better than carpet.
June-2010 Launched for first splash since this project began. Cataract Lake. All seemed well. That was going to change.
Splash number 2. Mississinewa Lake. All went well for most of the day, then she just didn't feel right. Lost power. Oil pressure erratic. Bottom line ,we spun 3 mains. Pulled the motor and back to the machine shop. I think the machining was too tight. Machinist ate the labor and I bought the parts. I considered this fair since he did the origonal work over two years ago.
July-2010 Since the motor and outdrive were out why not raise the X. Most I talked with that have this hull all agreed the the X dimension was too low. Raised it an inch.
Augustl-2010 On to better things. This is what the project was for. Ohio river and Kentucky river.
October-2010 Boat is running and performing well. Let's go to Florida. Caloosahtchee river at Cape coral.
More Florida. Boca Grande pass and cayo costa. One month shy of four years from the start of Journey II. Was it worth it? Hell yes!
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